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Podcast 009
PLL - Liars -A
sneakyangel wrote in stageleft_uk
In Episode 9 we speak to Andy Barnes about Perfect Pitch Musicals and Departure Lounge.

Download/listen here

Founded in 2006, Perfect Pitch runs a full artistic programme and has fully established itself on the landscape of the musical theatre genre. We focus on developing new musicals by British writers. They are developed through a series of workshops, readings, creative and dramaturgical input, showcases and production opportunities in collaboration and in partnership with theatre and non-theatre organisations around the UK. We also actively promote our emerging writers and creatives through concerts, productions, publication and licensing of the new musicals.

Departure Lounge:
Delayed at Malaga Airport after a week in the sun to celebrate their graduation from school, four less-than-innocent 18 year olds caught between adolescence and adulthood reminisce about their time together. It soon becomes clear that their individual memories of the holiday are at odds, particularly when it comes to romance and the girl on all their minds…. Is she as innocent as we’re lead to think and will the boys friendships hold firm as they all face a coming of age?

The production has received rave reviews and played to sold-out houses at the Edinburgh Festival, The Summer Play Festival in New York and had a 6 week run at the Royal George Cabaret Theatre, Chicago by the Balliwick Chicago company.

Autumn 2010 saw the first fully staged London production of the show starring Chris Fountain, Verity Rushworth, Jack Shallo, Liam Tamne and Stevie Webb at the new Waterloo East Theatre



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